Serenity in Nature’s Tranquility.


For me getting lost in moments is as important as capturing them, the rain came in the winter of the year past and as I walked around trying to capture a natural picture of what is all around us, but we in our high-speed lives don’t stop and take into account the beauty in passing, so there I was with the ducks and a rainy scenario taking shape.

I am an overthinker, so I for a moment tried to get lost in a moment and seeing this art take shape in front of me, I was happy to let the world engulf me as a whole as I stood and stared at it. The ducks and the rain that pattered down on the still surface of the lake were reminders of how my mind would explode is I didn’t give it any respite.

So I take pictures, the ones that can transport me again into the moments that govern my way of thinking, the pictures aren’t the best and the content isn’t all that flattering but the outcome is one I dreamt of achieving, peace is something we all hope to find in our lives, but can’t achieve on a daily basis, so we hunt for it, trying to ascertain life’s existence.

That winter’s rain was the perfect gift for someone like me, the constant torrent of water drowning my sorrow and helping me submerge into nature’s beauty and scenic surrounding, as the ducks just minding my own business as I stare into the lit depths of not only my own being but the one belonging to the lakes hidden jewels.


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