Duck Race 2016, Quack attack commence.

Blog post 2

This is one of those pictures that can go into any comeptition for the most wacky if not quacky picture ever taken, having never seen a duck race, seeing these creatures form this row to start one was exciting, but rather than start racing they started drifting, like motionless drifting it was so irritating to see it unfold in front of my eyes, like if you can’t drift propery then atleast learn how to do so, lost on the waves of time, they just kept on moving silently, after a while I got bored and went to take another picture.

Sometimes when you expect something and it doesn’t happen only two paths are clear, either do something yourself, or make the path yours by making it turn and come towards you. Having no control over these woodland creatures all I could do was walk away, yet for some reason this moment will forever be one of calm and serenity for me, the hunger of my own insatiable need to see a race, was projected beautifully onto ducks and their disregard for what a random guy thought.

I wish I could go again and make them somehow race as I would’ve sworn the fourth one from the lest was winking at me, but then again having so many competitors who look the same it would’ve been an arduous task to just keep my eyes focused on Donald, as I wanted to call him and not because I love the cartoon character but because I hate the real life one.

So if you ever see a duck race, no matter where, remember me and share that picture for if I can’t find one, i’ll love to know someone else managed to, for it’s so damn rare to see animal runs if not threatened or provoked, that I couldn’t even enjoy the rain that was falling or the beautiful view that greeted me, all because of human greed and needing to see a stupid race.

That my friends is a regret too many to bear for me, but bear I must and so do.

Have a great day.



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