Conformity is no ducking joke: Just say duck it to the rules.

This picture is beauty in motion for someone like me, I’m not the kind of guy who takes good pictures, but I do tell a good story, through the average ones that I do take, this one for example shows something that most people at some time or the other in their lives go through, that feeling of being different, it can be for any reason, but it does happen, there is no denying or running away from it.

Friends, family or even the one person who loves you supposedly more than life will in some way or form try to conform you, into something or someone that suits their ideal perception of the world, living in India I’ve undertood that pretty well, as we aren’t open about a lot of topics in our country, while the west seems to have taken it to the other extreme, the balance though has to be made somewhere.

I am an activist who fights for equal rights for women in society, that entails a lot of crap about being a feminist and jobes from fellow penis strapping baboons, I call them baboons because they are stereotyping me based on some magazine or article they read on what a feminist is, the ludicrious theory they concoct then on, is their own mind building up a picture and they let that picture manifest into something, that clearly it isn’t.

Take the issue of LGBTQ for instance, personally I’m for the equality of the communities and have a couple of friends who are gay, they can’t be openly so, because of he fear of retribution, not from others, but their own families for starters, but that is simply no way to live, yet they do, day by day fighting a need to say something, yet taking the mountain of silent regret on their shoulder to save their families from humiliation, the kind of humiliation that comes from lesser minds not grasping concepts that they can’t understand.

My need to take this picture arose from a simple idea, it took shape into something even I had’nt dremed of, that duck who is on the right seemingly alone and left to fend for itself, actually is the strongest one, for in solitude we tend to find just how strong we can individually be. So for that one duck who is in all of us, this picture is for you and remember that if you need to talk I’ll listen, that is one of the few qualities I posess and I’m proud of flaunting.

Be the duck on the right, it might be tough and you might not be up for it, but eventually you’ll be able to see something magial take place, who knows, you might even find yourself, without knowing that you were lost to begin with.

Take care and remember



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