Shadow Films to Watch this weekend.

The Shadows Recommend.

Two very different movies, each trying to draw the hordes into the theaters with the promise of a strong female role, the kind of thing that doesn’t get seen on too many occasions from Hollywood, which tends to always favor having a man in the lead, surrounding him with women, hence taking the shine away from what could be a pivotal role in its own right being played by a talented actor.

Ghost In the Shell, a manga that got launched on the idiot box in the 90’s in the form of an anime, which has been seen by yours truly, seems to have divided the fans of the show/manga, some would be shocked at the sheer stupidity in the casting and subsequent need to add a director, who for the most part only made flash, rather than fire.

Scarlett Johansson is a talented lady, she is gifted, yet this movie is not for her, it actually shouldn’t have been for anyone, making an anime into a live action movie has been a bad idea, something that should not have been practices by Hollywood, until they can understand the intricate dynamics of sublimating the intrinsic demands and motions that make an anime great, it isn’t always about the flash, as most animes that are still the best, are from a time that didn’t even have good CGI.

So I will be avoiding this movie, on the basic principle that it won’t be good, not tot take anything away from the writer who thinks that they can emulate Masamune Shirow, the mind that made a reality of this mechanical monstrosity.

On the other hand we have a great novel, that much like Shindler’s list talks about the tribulations of the Nazi’s annexation of its neighboring countries in an attempt to weed out and kill any human, irrespective of them being a man, woman or child that believed in the philosophies and belief systems that made them be referred to as Jewish.

The book talked about a couple, who took in the jewish community that came begging for asylum at their door, kept them hidden and fed, in a zoo that they were themselves not the owners of, in an attempt to show that humanity existed in a time and place where everyone knew it was lost. The movie though, according to what I’ve heard from friends today, not watching it yet, as I only see movies on Sundays, isn’t one that does justice to the book, yet the story in itself is gripping and thus makes it the better of the two movies for at least me to watch.

If any of you are curious about the less known, yet equally heroic life of a couple, who without a care for themselves, took it upon their own shoulders the burden to balance the atrocities that plagued the land around them, then you have to go and see this movie, if not for the political and humanitarian impact of the movie, then for the animals that so poetically show the life that some humans lived in that time.

In my initial recommendation, I don’t give much away in the form of story or characters, because I feel that if people go with an open mind and with less information, but the basic that is needed, their experience is far more enjoyable, then if given all the facts, hope some of you will read my review on Sunday night about the Zookeeper’s wife.







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