What to watch this weekend?


This weekend pits a lot of movies against each other, the main ones though, are Going In Style, starring Morgan Freeman & Michael Caine, there is a third person who is pretty famous yet doesn’t seem to be coming to mind. The Smurfs are back as well, with a pretty insane concept that might just make this franchise, just expand further, so those two are the big ones that duke it out this weekend.

The other movie that I researched as well and had to put, in front of a movie starring Arnie ” Aftermath ” and another one starring the best actress of her generation, according to me, Anne Hathaway in ” Colossal ” is 1 mile in you, the concept and plot of this movie, seems to be intriguing for one, with a limited release though, it might not be earning a lot of cash, but other than Going in Style & The Smurfs, not to mention The case of Christ, which is a laughable attempt by an industry run by religion, to showcase an atheist as the main role, are the only nationwide releases, I would love to see all three movies that I’ve made the poster on, yet it’s the one I’ve left out that will be feeling my sharp mind’s probe and my critical insight, just because they chose the concept that piques me, being an atheist, it seems like a great movie to tear apart, or justifiably hail as something great, only time will tell.

So if you love 3 old guys who want to do the what the Oceans have done, or whether the family wants to get lost in the world that smurfs at the prospect of a child’s smile, take your pick,go out and enjoy and let me know how the others movies were, though I probably would see them over the week anyways.


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