Movie/Show concept #1

MovieShow title-Mind Game.

The basic concept of this movie/show concept derives from the thinking that a person can have many voices and personalities in his/her head, the portrayal of how, though rests surely on my imaginative prowess, as it’s been done before and will eventually be done again, yet my version of this concept is different.

Imagine being introduced to 7 different characters, in the beginning I had thought of them being akin to the deadly sins, if it is a show, then 8 episodes or 10 episodes would be enough to take us through the different lives of these people and to interconnect them, the beauty of this whole situation though would, be playing inside a person’s head, so having the ending in my mind, I build a whole setup revolving around the endgame.

It can be made into a movie and that would be the easiest way of portraying the story, yet it would be rushed in a way, for 2 hours isn’t enough to do justice to this story, but then again so weren’t some of the movies that came about last year, and this one.

The main kicker of the movie has to be the final scene, though it would be tricky to make it into a multiple season endeavor, yet that is also something that I’ve taken into account.

So if anyone thinks it’s worth taking on, let me know for I have a hundred concepts that I’ll be sharing with you in time.

7 main characters, with intertwining stories, with recurring characters that might influence the specific story, within the main premise but won’t touch too hard on the main string being pulled.

The story comes under thriller/action as making it into a comedy wouldn’t do justice to the movie/show visually, and dramatically it’s initial promise might get lost in the long run.

Thank you and enjoy your Sunday.



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