The Case for Christ: Reviewed.

Shadow Rating- 35

One of the few times that I haven’t read a book and seen the movie, now though I have to read the book, because the movie though in parts was balanced and subdued, compared to the other indoctrinating cinematic experiences that have graced the silver screen, this was a breath of fresh air.

A Journalist takes on a case about proving once and for all that the myth that made Christianity a religious force to reckon with, the resurrection of Christ, was actually fabricated and not something that can be seen as a miracle but just a hoax that led to lie which is Christianity. Vogel, playing the man on a mission, to bust a theory, that theologians and archeologists, must’ve tried disproving before, is something refreshing, not to mention unique, his wife though, played by Christiansen, though was the perfect foil, as she was a devout Christian, with a bible and belief to match her devotion.

Though the movie does try to show a balanced view on religion and the skeptical aspects that atheists feel about the topic, it tends to draw out in instances, trying to overdue the premise at times, yet it keeps you wondering, not about the plot or twists, for let’s face it, the title is pretty straight forward about what the ending would be. Yet, at times the path the movie charts tends to make it seem like, just maybe, it may throw a different punch than the one anticipated from the beginning.

That buildup though, led me to rue, not only the ending and the movie on a whole but some facets of the acting, that were for the most part sub-par, the only reason it got an average rating from me, was the plot, the need to show atheism on the silver screen, has been an issue that most filmmakers have shied away from, yet Jon Gunn, to his credit, tried something new, and it could’ve paid off, if only he would’ve thought more about the ending, rather than pandering to the masses.

On the whole, being an atheist, this movie was all it promised, hence making it a one time watch, yet it was the things that it could’ve achieved, that made me feel sad, for the promise of something great and the inability to deliver it, is what makes regrets. The Case for Christ in this regard will go down, as another movie that just wasn’t there yet.

The best scene from the movie had to be the restaurant one when a miracle took place, or for me and my fellow skeptics, the law of undeniable proximity. So catch it, not for the acting, or the subpar cinematography, but the premise, the direction was okay and the costumes and periodic indications, were precise, the only saving grace of sorts, but overall it won’t be a movie I’ll remember mentioning to others, as a must see, but I will mention it as a movie that subdued, the message that some of the top Hollywood movies based on religion have tried and failed to do over the years.


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