Dilapidated Thunderdome

Welcome to another architectural gem being ravaged by the ticking of two hands and one pointer, as is the case with most marvels that seem to wither with age, for true beauty only lasts a moment, until it is seen by the eyes of greed and list, then it becomes broken in a way, slowly withering into the folds of a forgotten memory.

This is just an example of how restoration, of not done properly can lead to nothing but the same intent that, started the whole process to begin with, there is a necessity to hold onto certain remnants of the past that might influence the future, art, architecture and writing are just a few, there aren’t many who understand it as well as me, because every building, like a book or a movie, tells a story of its existence, letting it disappear from Ines life, is sacrilegious to say the least.

Working on a campaign for architectural restoration, in lucky enough to have a plethora of pictures that might just insinuate my very thoughts.

Being a writer though with only words and nothing else, I have to take the help of learned scholars in the area of art and architectural restoration, but it’s given me a chance to meet some delightful people in the process.


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