Ad Concept: Anything in 72 beats.

The problem with having a creative minds at times is the fact that a hundred different concepts take shape together, so to curb it I write them down onto a notebook, but very rarely does it quite the voice in my head, so now I’m getting other avenues to write and share my advertising/movie concepts.

72 beats is the pulse rate that normally goes in a human body, the concept takes shape from the belief that anything can happen in 72 seconds, I won’t share the outlook of the whole ad, for someone might steal it, but the beauty of the ad rests on the interplay between the notion of time and the heart while in contrast to the pulse rate and the way the events will lead to the picking up or dying down of the various interplaying aspects.

This can be made into a short film as well, but I want to show it to a talented movie production house who can do it justice rather than just anyone because the concept is universal, it has a hundred different implementations, yet only 72 seconds.


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