Ad Concept: Anxiety.

Advertising plays on the core belief that every person has greed and is anxious to in some way try to feed, this one voracious need.

This concept is one of a few that I thought of with just playing on fast shots of different scenarios from the point of view of either one person or many people.

Putting them in situations that show the signs of anxiety but in a different light, eg feeling trapped in a cupboard when you’re actually in an elevator, it’s simply playing on the habits and situations that might make someone feel a certain way, anxiety as like depression, what I am going through, having gone through for some time, feeds on the uncertainty of not the outside variables but the inner one’s.

So when making an ad, especially about anything anxiety driven, picture the emotions that you want to convey, then build the situation, that is the best way to create a different kind of ad, a better kind of ad.

It always has to have a twist to be remembered, as nothing if not done exceptionally well, can be taken as a good enough end product, so my idea for ads are greatly driven by the tapping of what the specific viewer wants, and then subvert my thinking into adopting it in my creative vision.


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