Depth Perception.

A term that I coined at an early age that dealt with what one can perceive against the intentions that construct a person’s reality, it was easy for me to understand what and how people thought, as everyone is driven by something, as humans we have some fixed notions that are defined by the environment that we grow up in, it could be the beliefs we hold dear to our heart, the love or hate that comes in instances that make us question other people. There are a thousand different things that can make someone think or do the things that they do, and that’s where my term comes into effect

How does someone understand the thinking of another person?.

It’s impossible to know exactly the thoughts that might be going on in someone’s head as no one is clairvoyant, having dealt with a few of these stooges of fate, who tend to make rational and intelligent people do and say stupid things, I’ve realised the thinking pattern that drove some of my own idiosyncrasies in time,. the ability to manipulate an outcome from twisting facts that might at first seem against a theory and then build subtlety in proving that the very facts that pronounce said theory as faults are the one’s that make them seem true.

Eg; Religion is a hard topic as everyone seems to take up arms when anyone, mentions anything, wrong about their respective religions, now without knowing that these were mainly rules that were written by men and women thousands of years ago, to govern a population in a way that they seemed fit won’t matter, as everyone who lives is scared to die, so people who preach religious words, tend to relate them to the audience that they are preaching to, hence making it seem believable, even at times showing the faults in religion to make it seem more human.

Depth perception can only be attained if you don’t have previous bias against an individual, trying to understand the mind is an arduous and altogether hectic task, yet if you’re an overthinker then you’re performing it daily, I’m giving you an option to control and channel the wastage of your brain on irrational constructs and focus on rationality.

Take for instance the friend who you grew up with and don’t talk to anymore, there could be personal problems or instances that have arisen due to a number of reasons, but the only thing that made you drift apart was the simple inability to allocate time and prioritize said individual in your life, every time you say yes to one, you say no to a hundred that means that if you’re taking one person’s point of view and understanding it, then you’re not listening to a hundred different viewpoints, making it seem like you’re worldly-wise yet are just as limited to the world that you agree with.

I am myself someone who has thrown or distanced himself from all my past friends, not because of any other reason, but I want to understand myself better, they were close and cherished, yet not important enough, otherwise I would be talking to them now, it’s a clear statement that I can survive in my own life without any of them being present, now it’s not easy to do, because people expect things, they can’t handle rejection, no one can, but that doesn’t affect my thinking or emotions, because as much as I can empathize, the same soul can even Ice people out.

Depth perception helped me take into account a lot of people who defined my world once, their motivations and thinking that I listened to but didn’t always agree with, which is another thing that you can’t do with friends, yet I never listened to advice, being stubborn in my own thinking, it can be dangerous, yet it’s a danger that I am willing to take, as it speaks true to who I am, not someone who can be manipulated by anyone, and that is the toughest thing in life, being manipulated and not seeing it.

I’ve seen people who have fallen victim to being patronised and placated in ways to do someone else’s bidding, and I have personally fallen victim to it too, being a loyal person till I realised my loyalty only extends to me and my dad to some extent, it was easy for me to sway with the flow of the winds, agreeing and helping people who wouldn’t help me grow mentally, though they might help me financially and keep my bubble from bursting but not emotionally or rather intellectually, it’s very important for me to surround myself with intelligent people, not conventionally intelligent, like doctors or engineers but the ones who truly are all around intellects, readers, emotionally stable and not judgemental, as the problem with most intellects is that they judge very easily, which comes with their thinking pattern obviously.

Depth Perception keeps that in check, it helps you filter through the nonsense and understand the different notions that could’ve made someone act the way that they do, it’s simple common sense though, to not judge a leaf on the basis of the tree from which it comes, or a stream on the basis of the ocean to which it goes, the same logic works with human mind, without knowing the whole story, how can you just pass a judgement on something or someone, so easily, people do change but not because of anyone else, if you want to change you do so selfishly for yourself, people seem to always think they have played a hand in it, but they haven’t, as realisation and action are two very different things to understand, so don’t give someone else too much applause, for they might’ve helped you see a light, but going towards it with the knowledge that it could be bad or good was your own doing.

Another important thing about Depth Perception is the calmness it brings, by not caring enough for other people, who don’t matter, even though they think they do, imagine not wanting to know about the gossip that surrounds you everywhere, hear it but don’t believe it, as only fools believe one side of the story, once you hear the both sides, then your personal opinions start to take shape, depending on your limited understanding of the issue and personal relationship with the players, which is hazardous, to say the least, because you can’t be rational, which is another thing that I can finally be, without caring about making friends, if I can help someone by them hating me yet understanding the words that are said, I can live with that, but to falsely agree with someone is not going to help anyone.

So basically Depth perception is something that is still flawed in ways due to the understanding that no one can understand every human intention and its relation to the motive that has driven a person to the realisation that we perceive around us, yet I am the only known case of someone practicing it, maybe if others try to do it as well, I’ll get a better understanding of the intricacies and things that I’m not presently being able to see properly.

This is a shorter write-up of what I’ve written on the topic, trying to in a very small way show the thought patterns and beliefs that can be questioned and changed by not changing yourself but the perception that is still not tapped into fully by many humans.





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