Decadance: Redefine Extravagance.

Advertising has universal applicability, decadence can be used as a car name, a shoe name, it can actually be even a perfume name if you want. The campaign targets the play of words and the meanings that they convey.

eg Imagine N(i)ke or (Re)book with a new shoe line known as Dekadance, or another play on the name, getting a tag line which could also be changed to challenge or Defy instead of redefine, can be a hot selling item, as people love shoes, and by placing in a person’s mind that they are actually questioning the thing that everyone strives for is a good way of being remembered.

If not for shoes, can you imagine a car with the name, Hon(da) or (Toy)ota are car firms that come out with the most idiotic names for cars, there doesn’t seem to be much thinking about usage in the face of witty wordplay, now there is no problem with that, but there has to be more depth than anything.

The applicability of something that can be taken form and shape into any medium is what makes branding it that much easier, for the umbrella that comes with this kind of placement is immense, advertisers spend hours in finding and trying to cut through the channels, where every idiot wants a word and add his own spin, yet they might not have the creative intensity that might have taken shape in seconds.

I dream of a hundred things in a day, every part can be made into some sort of media, that doesn’t come from following rules, but letting it roam wild in the fields of dreams, that is the only reason why I can’t work for someone, as people put limitations by making things boring and that is no way of living.


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