Movie Concept: Kidnapping 101.

Okay so having thought of how funny life normally can be to someone who sees it the way I do, this movie concept shows how people who try to kidnap someone without realising what they’re doing, can never actually succeed, for it isn’t an easy job to have, or people might just go around taking random ransom drops in parks and bars, but the real kicker comes in when you take the art of kidnapping and reverse it.

Imagine a movie where the people who are plotting and successfully kidnap a person, don’t actually realize that the person who they’ve kidnapped is actually someone they should never have targetted, not because of the planning and the fact that they are lousy at it, which they obviously are, but because the person they’ve kidnapped turns the table on them, and now it’s all hell breaking loose, so the call that was going to be made for ransom to a rich person, now is done to an old couple or some relation/ friend of the idiots and the story unfolds from there.

The concept is peculiar if you actually add the third element that it’s a kid, who is actually going to kick ass when the ones in control suddenly realized that their notion of it, isn’t in the same room as the kid’s ability to do the same, hence the name kidnapping 101.



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