Movie Concept: Prodigal Demise.

When the world says that you’re gifted, and your family knows that you’re destined for greatness, what stops you from achieving your calling, life does obviously. This is a story of a girl who could be anything, yet she decided that what she wanted to be more than a title or a position in society was live for her music, so she set out on the road, at the age of 16, leaving the world that made her great behind, yet not all stories end in the majestic hall of the gods.

The story takes us through the rock scene in a city that isn’t known for its rock, but it’s jazz, and how a girl who was supposed to be a rock star became a queen of the blues, the different things that made her take up the purest of musical genres, where the heart speaks more than in any other light, and she spoke of herself and the life she lived.

This story is about more than being great at something, it’s about how there are just as many prodigies in this world, as there are normal people, the only difference being the drive, the circumstances and the fight to become great, no one speaks of that, they talk of the champions like they were born to rule, yet what they forget is the sweat and tears that come with failure, the failure and the things around you that thrust the greatness on shoulders that aren’t ready, aren’t prepared and sometimes get crushed under the weight of it all.




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