Ad Concept: Talk is Cheap.

It’s remarkable how many concepts can be written off quotes, I can write quotes and then make them into a whole story, now I’m still pretty rough around some of them, but the whole idea rests on the notion that if you think from a 100 angles on a simple phrase, you’ll get at least 10 different interpretations, and then you put it into a way that might sell, to someone else.

Talk is cheap, this quote is remarkable, and plays right into the telecommunication sector ads, now having written some ideas for how to placate the mind in this specific genre of branding, I have to say implementing talk is cheap, as a way to push sales of your brand, will be ingenious, having not seen an ad that can play on words and emotions together for some time, the need of the hour is something different, ads that sell are outside the bounds of reality, and yet subservient to the same, and that’s how you buy something.

An advert that can’t make you think about it after a few days, won’t sell for even a few hours as I  say, and it’s true to the fact, that because we have limited grasps of time, and the mind is constantly working on design, the ad needs to feed off the imagination of the viewer, and that’s where taglines come in, because if it catches your eye, you’ll definitely buy, being the savant of rhyming I can create taglines by the 1000’s and that’s a unique ability, not many possess.

So remember if you want to be in advertising or generally see an ad, always look for the three T’s:



Tongue & Cheek humor.


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