I didn’t get Shawshanked.

Shadow Rating- 35

Firstly having read the book by the same name, yet having been presently surprised at the man who actually did write it, Stephen king wrote to make it a novella, and not a novel, and the movie wasn’t better than the book, the need to call it one of the best movies of all time is ludicrous, as it’s preposterous, as nothing other than specific instances make this movie worth the high billing.

An accountant with a colorful past, though it wasn’t alluded to in much detail about the fact, rather we got thrust into the near unbreakable Shawshank prison, a place that was filled with the tropes that make any prison the way it is today, corrupt guards, impeccably led by their ringmaster, and that one disgruntled employee who takes offence at the new guy, it was like reading a badly written book.

Red, thank the writers, not the one who directed this shoddy trash, was a breath of fresh air, and the ending was okay, not that surprising, as being a man who dreams death and escapes for a living, I found different ways in which one would’ve traversed the path of a great Houdini act, yet being an accountant and that angle was decent enough, the part with the tunnel was preposterous as it was idiomatic for if you tell someone that a prisoner was planning that, with a number of mistakes, that he committed would not be caught, I would call you delusional.

The ending was the only good thing, not exceptional thing, about the movie, as the depth of characters wasn’t truly there, other than the two main ones, and that was discouraging, as every character who gets more than 3-5 percent screentime, deserves something more, and sadly at not being given that much a backstory to the main character as well,  should’ve shown flashbacks, playing on the fact that there was more to the loser, than met the eye, was tragic as well.

On the whole the movie was decent, a one time watch, not the kind of masterpiece that it is reverently alluded to, as the godfather, which is the second movie on my list of reviews, having taken it upon myself to review the IMDB top 250, having seen them all, and research most of them, this is going to be fun, I just hope that other books that were made into a movie, having read all the one’s that are on the list, that have been adapted from a book, meet the kind of thoroughfare that comes with its billing.

Now these are my personal views, and though you might disagree, respect them none the less, for I would do the same for you, as I’ve done for the delusional people who make the list the way it is on IMDB, having not seen more than 500 movies, while my movie encyclopedia stands at more than 2000, ranging from English, Hindi, French, German and one or two Russian as well.

So if you feel that Shawshank Redemption, for anything other than its cinematography and set design is worth seeing, then good for you, but it’s not good enough for me, as cinema is more about the things unsaid yet shown, and shown in a manner that they can be unsaid, this movie fails on both counts, yet compared to the films that have come in recent time, barring one or two, it’s a masterpiece, only by contrast.

The role of Red will still be the only bright light into this dark tunnel, that most of you used to escape, without realising that the ending doesn’t always come in the swamp, but in a shot, that takes your life, and that is exactly how prisons have worked, if it was as easy as this to escape prisons, especially the super max type one they spoke of in Shawshank, then people wouldn’t mind going into them, rather than being terrified.






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