Cyclonic Thought Capturing.

The beauty of replaying this visually is intended to be hilarity, imagine a conversation that takes place between two people, one person who gets hit by a curve ball, and then goes on a rant, while the other person like a clock goes around the room and there comes the clock, the whole journey of the transition in thought processes by a character, with the whole world crashing in the background, due to the movement by another.

The whole concept rests on a person’s inability to not hear or tune out the surrounding, perfect for a music earphone/headphone company though, imagine the catastrophic things that can take place in the background as you listen to your favorite song, it happens a lot and though this ad might’ve been done before, it’s interpretations are immense, but I digress, my main point was the usage of contrasting scenarios in the building of a scene.

The whole thought process comes to a fold when the clock like the person returns to the main plot line and that’s when we can really have fun, for the whole ordeal has comedic relief written all over it, but being a dark individual, satire and horror come more to mind than comedy in reality, and thus I’m still perfecting this scenario in my head, but it is a start, an idea starts a storm.


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