Mistaken Brand Ad: Red Herring situation #1

Now there are many ways an ad can play out, by taking into account one situation, and then putting something else entirely into the main role, for eg. Frasier had this great scene that I was presently recounting, when Niles Crane gets a flour bag and treats it like a baby, the episode name is flour child, such a simple yet intriguing title.

He spoke of a line, about a dream he had in which the baby was kidnapped and Niles was getting cupcakes in the mail, telling him to pay up the ransom, that much wit and usage of something serious and yet being able to convert it into hilarity was what I wanted to initially pay homage to, not the show, but the writer on that specific episode, who came up with that tidbit, they are brilliant.

Imagine putting something you love, inanimate and yet cherished with personification, and then let the creativity flow, like your car gets put into a kidnapping situation, but better yet, someone steals memories, or take it further with a murdering shown of something that is inanimate, that is the premise.

The ad in my mind currently is playing in a car, and that car is treated like a kid, who gets kidnapped, and we play on the same angle that Frasier in part played, with the car parts coming in, hilarity ensues when the audience figures out it is a comedy, if not a satire, and not that serious, or turn it, with the comedy starting but it getting serious, and dramatic at the end.

The short movie angle also comes in, so does a series, in which a protagonist can go around solving hilarious crimes, by playing on this premise itself, and that is really stretching it, but hey, a writer thinks outside every box, a short movie can still be achieved, for an ad has universal appeal, and the short film a far lesser permutation play on my creative part.




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