Imagine a life where the law would actually help you? Now wake up and slap yourself, for that’s not what the law is there for, it is only there to regulate the majority so that they don’t cause a concern for the ruling minority and this concept for a movie/ show just shows that, but it isn’t about the common man, but powerful men/women who feel that they are above the law, only to suddenly be the scanner and told that they are the one’s who will be facing the hammer.

The plot and story starts with the usual herring, and the build up, what is necessary for a political thriller is mostly the usage of how the powerful don’t stay the same, but power does, as an entity devoid of anything but itself, it is what withstands the test of justice and honor, and destroys them, that is the premise, showing how the powerful come to trial and yet they remain, not because there aren’t laws but because any vacuum left behind is filled as quickly.

So who stops this?- A shadow that entraps the power, and with it the people, all the while making it seem like they are not in the wrong, that they are all the altruistic self that they boast in masks to the people, only to prove that power corrupts, no one who gets a taste stops at that, and that is what the punchline would be, and then the cycle begins, of the prey and the predator, though which is the one that hunts, and what is being hunted is not shown without a little thrill and zeal.

This is only a rough concept, I have a better version too, but sharing ideas that might get taken aren’t fun, especially due to the fact that they are not copyrighted.




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