A dark night’s tale.

I remember fondly the night when I and a friend had planned a rendezvous of another with the love of his life, the night was rife with tension and anticipation for a friend of mine, who had always held the torch of love alive, wrapped in winter with a coat, under a damn umbrella in the rainy season that came for a few weeks in autumn and until the spring made love again blossom in courage, or so we thought, he had come to us in haste one evening, when me and another were playing chess, let’s give them names to make the story easier to read, let’s give the lovesick puppy a poetic name, Assinine clown, and let’s give the other a badass name, ah mark twain would’ve loved this, the artless dodger, so let’s continue.

I was busy trying to strategize how to take a bishop, I can still fondly remember, being gifted with an elephant’s memory has its perks, while my friend the artless dodger wanted to take my rook, and in the midst of this intense battle came the asinine clown, all excited and full of life, like he had just won something that we would be interested in, all he said was that the girl he liked had said, she’d meet him that very night, I feigned interest for a limited amount of time, yet the artless dodger felt we should humor the lovesick puppy and thus began a fun game that we played on occasions with others.

The asinine clown was very nervous, though he showed bravado to hide his doubt, and me and the dodger saw through it easily, it was after all his so called “love” and thus began the two-hour talk, from what could be expected, to what truly might happen, I was bored beyond the point of actually taking any interest, not that the conversation was boring per say, but I normally get lost in my own world when idiotic stereotypes and grand plans come together, and the asinine clown was the embodiment of both. He was pretty confident though that he would make it past the first hurdle, while I knew he would stumble face first into it, hopefully, the fall might make him more wary of doing such foolish deeds in the future.

I excused myself in the middle of the sexual cram session, that was wishful thinking taken to the next level, a place that should not be named, anything other than fool’s paradise, as the only idiots that reach this stage of their thinking process, are nothing but. As I placed a call to another friend, let’s call him the facilitator, the other two spoke about how we all should go together, and so we went in the guise of darkness, two to spy and one to try.

As the moment approached though, with me and the dodger comfortably, as much as sitting on a hard surface, with ants roaming near your feet could be, saw the branches of the bushes, the clear anxiousness began to show on our friends face, he had planned this for some time, and he had waited long and hard, as the shadow of someone approaching met the sight of the one who was most nervously waiting, the asinine clown’s heart hit the floor, poor guy had thought that he was actually going to meet a girl he liked, we did wait though, for some time, until after the moon descended past the trees, we decided to go back home, the other two left me then, one to sleep and the other to hopelessly lament.

As I walked in though I called the facilitator again thanking him for doing his part, what you don’t know is that the facilitator was the girl’s brother, who had come to my notice when I had perchance come into the possession of the name of the girl that the asinine fool had liked, the girl he had liked for years, but he was not truly a friend and had vexed me in the past, so retribution was what revenge would seek.

I had told my friend if he would be interested in a game, telling him that the asinine fool had said bad things about him, the wise never say how they got the information though, and nor did I, you just needed to know what buttons to press and then the puzzle falls into place, The next step though was hard, coaxing the facilitator to take his sister’s laptop to get the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle in place, but in time and with ways in which he could do it, and a little pandering he relented and I got what I want, it seems that, in my youth, that was what I wanted most, now in my 20’s the game is boring, and I have retired, but that rush was something else.

Remember no one mistrusts the fool, so keep on playing it, as people hardly would think that you’re capable of anything, until they do in time realise what’s happened, you won’t be anywhere nearby, and that is the art of the con, or so I learnt with just using my imagination as a kid, what a fun time it was too.

You hate me a little don’t you? but that is life, the strong and the one’s who can manipulate outcomes survive, and there isn’t a better survivalist than me, it doesn’t take too much time either to put things in motion, hardly any in a day, but it takes foresight and patience, that is key to destroying any person mentally.


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