That Poker feeling.

This was an advert that I wrote for a friend, he wanted help, and having seen just how desperate he was I wrote him a Betting site centric advertising that he could relate to his boss, knowing that she had helped me more than enough, in my hour of need, the premise for this one was hilarity, seeing that people love playing poker and gambling off their money.

Remember though that never get sloshed when you’re playing, nothing deludes the mind like alcohol, your tell would start showing and that makes it dangerous in the long run, I only mention it, because it was in the advert I wrote, while another part had three out of four people, constantly cheating the fourth, if one would get up and go the other would see, the cards, it happened more than once, and to more than one person, another comic stitch.

There were a few others and the clothing and setting was funny as well, I won’t talk about it more, because it’s an idea under creation hopefully, if not it’s still my idea and I gave it to a friend out of the understanding that she can use it, not for any random person to do the same, it might take some time though, having just written it and they will start shooting, if they do in July, which would mean nothing comes of it till october, as that’s how advertising works, with companies at least, they take so much time, rehashing, and redoing the same damn thing, beauracracy at its best.

Just wanted to share this concept, among millions other that in time I will too.


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