Love Making vs Sex.

In my experience there is a great difference between these two concepts, one an art form that is dying thanks to the onset of the pornographic age and the other thriving thanks ot the death of poets and bards, men who can fight and be alphas while still be tender and caring to the subtleties of sex, so let’s talk on this topic today, because quite frankly I can.

Love making is the whole process, whereas sex is merely the end product, to take someone into an illusion one must take them whole, not partly, or parsimoniously, but whole. I’ll use myself as an example, for various stages, from the first, building up the pressure point, for release, that’s when you show the lady that oral sex is about her, not about your flappy friend, who shivers and fails to impress in two minutes or less, its about tantalising her thoughts and making her squirm, personally I don’t even like women giving me blowjobs, that’s not to say it isn’t a practice done thrivingly by others, but personally I don’t want it.

I though love pleasuring women, that’s the main reason why I get dates, or did, until sex became just an outlet for frustrations to ebb into the clutches of two colliding bodies, drenched in sweat and hungry in lust, that merely took place to vent, nothing more, though now I’m searching again, looking for the beast that I wouldn’t dare want to tame, but run wild with.

Oral sex is basically that only, you showing the woman that it’s more about her than you, which is truly is, or you won’t be begging for sex so often, going on porn sites, which I won’t lie about visiting from time to time, mainly to just release the sexual tension, there is no story telling there, so my mind doesn’t get aroused, it’s basically just to feed the voracious appetite that the body brings forth, but taking us back to the main crux, of the matter, oral sex is about pleasing her, I once remember doing it for 20 odd minutes, slowly, painfully for the girl, as she was like a fountain that wasn’t doing much sprinkling of water, and that was the buildup, sometimes even 30 minutes, because I am a slow eater, and that comes in handy in such situations.

The second stage is the control aspect, this is at times tricky, some women love men taking charge, while other want to take charge themselves, differentiating them is key to mastering this step, you need to nonetheless be the one on top for most parts, that’s key to satisfying her, I did it for hours once, taking breaks due to not lasting with the rhythm at times for more than a few minutes, but picturing other things helps and it did then as well.

The main part is that she has to reach nirvana, that is something that I have always managed, it didn’t matter if it took me climbing on the bicycle more than twice or thrice, but if she reached that place, it was worth it, many of my brethren won’t understand this, but it’s fine, this isn’t for the animals, who maul and try to show that male chauvinism is ruling the land still, this is for the tender souls, that hide behind powerful walls, that have a chance of doing something more than following that cheap mentality that comes from the concept of bros before hoes.

Anyways, the main thing to take away from this write-up are 3:

  1.  Sex is more than a wham bam thank you ma’am affair, you have to drag it out, more often than not, until the time the woman has been pleased.
  2. Make the aspects of sensual touches and words take a softer, and dirtier term, not sexting or otherwise, but in person, the imagination being taken on a ride, is as important as the body.
  3.  If you are into BDSM or Role Playing, make sure that the girl is comfortable, she is the illusion, you are just a fapper who got lucky, so rethink the approach, girls don’t fall for overconfidence, but they don’t even acknowledge bumbling fools.




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