Stone lust

My love for structural engineering and design is often a gripe for my father, he rues the fact that his son didn’t pursue more intellectual pursuits, but engineering is boring, you can’t excel or create most things that one would want, because the world hardly agrees with ambition.

This picture though brings my two loves together none the less, heritage sights and noir photography, showing the beauty that artistic flair brought alive in stone during another time, that it binds your hearts in chains of awe and mesmerising light, that’s what architecture should do, inspire minds to dream, and this is what all creative minds yearn to pursue.

This moment is equally special because one of the things that made me choose this angle was getting the alcove on the right side, showing a place that as a kid I had once tried to climb, only for the guards to put me in my place, a rekindled memory that had to be captured.


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