The Quick wit, meets fast feet.

This incident took place while I and my friend were getting high, this was the innocent age of the college graduate, lost and feeling like the green herb could take my mind to places, that my legs and means couldn’t, sitting in his car, we were inconspicuously hidden from the eyes of johnny law, until we saw a girl rushing past us, followed momentarily by, a bike that had chimpanzees on the heat, nothing other than that description would satisfy the situation better.

I had always been one to rush to the aid, my hero complex was like a switch, that didn’t think or analyzed anything but the sheer need of what ails a woman, and that was the same emotion that made me tell my friend to take a turn, we were in my neighborhood, and knowing the place like the back of my hand, we quickly went on the loose, shadows hiding, while the real predators ran, chasing the one’s that were mere animals, who followed their pecker, rather than listening to their inner voice, not having one for the most part.

My friend wasn’t amused, male chauvinism didn’t care, but a feminist and a man on a mission overruled his meaningless qualms about taking a fight on, having no basis for defending ourselves, we weren’t the strongest of body, but then again, you don’t have to be, if you have the strength of a mind, that is home to more darkness than the devil could even dream, but light as well, depending on who my eyes see in front of me.

After we saw the girl turn, I told my friend to stop the car, and then quickly, on a mind that was seeing stars, and legs that feeling the hard road, a little bit tougher, I walked towards the girl, the bike had come behind, but with the way I was dressed, modesty, because I was never born into ostentatious beliefs, I stood in front of the girl, she was scared, and seeing that she was surrounded by men, even more scared, but I told her quickly to follow my lead, not to do anything else, and believe that not all men are scum, maybe it was my voice or the fact that I didn’t seem threatening, she just kept quiet.

I started speaking in a high voice, in a crude manner, knowing that the only thing people fear, is someone who is just like them, and the more I shouted and spoke to her like she had been an old girlfriend, the bike stopped, only to see that I was looking at them, my friend at that moment brought his car closer, lighting the road, I told the men that if they wanted to come in between, the car would make of the bike, what they would’ve made of me, if I didn’t have a far stronger person behind me.

The bike didn’t move until my friend brought the car slowly closer, and then handed me a lighter, that for the most part would be useless, only that in the hands of someone who looked ominous, it was something more, when I held the girl and told them that she was coming in the car, they merely smiled, as I pulled the girl, she simply didn’t want to go, and that made the whole ordeal believable, the girl was scared, and no matter what I told her, she simply didn’t believe me, and after she sat in the car, I handed her the lighter, saying that she could light me, if my hand came near her again, she simply looked, without a word.

She told us her address, and after my friend simply tried to relive his love for Jason Statham’s Transporter series, of losing a bike, that for the most part wasn’t even following, knowing that only fools rush in the midst of a jungle, knowing that lions hunt at night, and not for antelope, but cheetahs the only prey in their eyes. She left the car without saying a word, and for the most part still scared, my friend and I expected thanks in return, for trying to do something nice, but that was foolish of us to ask of a girl, who had seen the threat, and sat with a crazy dude, who literally showed her, two different sides of a coin.

My friend only told me that the next time I drag him into some misguided rouse to get the girl and then let her slip from the hand, like leaves do, when not held tightly enough, he’ll kill me, and sure enough, we were again in the same situation on many occasions, but more stories have girls featuring as the wingman, than men, it’s something about the freedom that they won’t try to steal your mark, but I normally didn’t do anything of the sort, being a hopeless romantic, I couldn’t just fall in and out of love, couldn’t just fall for beauty alone, I’m not a hypocrite who’ll say that I didn’t infatuate about a beautiful woman, but I’m still looking for something else.

This is just one encounter, from the files that are in my vault, actually it’s more of a city, I built with memories, and each house and building hides within its walls a tale, some are big and tall, with more time needed to write, while there are also single apartments, like this one, that don’t take too many words, and just are written in between doing two, far more time consuming tasks.







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