The Tale of Two Friendships.

Friendship? It’s hard to define for me, having never trusted most people to call one, mainly because they wanted to play games, and having played them, I knew that friends, from the genuinely few ones that I had, never deemed it worthy of one’s time to ever be anything but straight with you, this story is a contrast between two people I know, one who thinks he is special, and one who has no idea just how special they truly are.

The first person, let’s call him Gego, because he has a big ego, so Great Ego, gets shortened to Gego, this friend was always magnanimous, I remember times when he would pay for meals and drinks, it was funny though, I honestly didn’t want to use him, like some others did, but sometimes you need to teach a fool a lesson, otherwise he will always remain nothing but, so he showed his money, having a mind that was not developed to the extent that normally one’s does, and being placated by people around him, who basically only fed his ego, there wasn’t much hope for him, I tried at times to make him understand, give him tests to see whether he has grown, but sadly he hadn’t.

The second person, let’s call him Magnus, because he was someone who was innocent of heart, yet not foolish of mind, he taught me more about being able to do something without getting anything in return than any before him, and sadly none since, he was the opposite of Gego, and had few things to call his own, yet what he had, he always shared, without saying or asking for anything in return, being a shrewd person myself, I decided to test whether he was playing the same game, I had played, but it was never the case, he was genuinely nice, but the world isn’t a great place, for innocent smiles, and he was the biggest, that faded with time.

Let’s take instances now, of Gego first,  I once saw him treat children who were below us, in the social ladder poorly, to the point of bullying them on the basis of where they were brought up, and what limited resources they had, which was not how I was raised, I was taught from an early age to mix with everyone, no one is below you, no one is above you, if that’s how you see life, then life is easier, because you are humble, now seeing this side of a person makes you think of doing only one thing, having not done it yet, I’m going to patiently bide my time, until I can teach him a lesson, one day, not soon.

Magnus, on the other hand, was brought up poor, so his needs and ability were his only two saving graces, but whereas one would expect greed and lust to rise in time, he didn’t cater to either vice, thus making him a friend worth having, because a man who doesn’t care for materialistic goods, doesn’t exist, but a man who can control the urge for said things, is the closest one can get to altruism, and Magnus was just that.

I remember an instance when we were in middle school, Magnus used to eat a pretty specific mix of food, he never changed, and never asked for anyone to buy him anything, I had offered in time to pay for something better from the canteen, the place where most children ate their food, rarely getting food from home, having been brought up spoilt, I mostly did the same, yet it was the fact that he never changed, never yearned for wanting to eat something better, maybe what he ate was actually pretty tasty, having never asked him for a bite, I would never know the truth, but that was my pretentiousness and nothing to do with Magnus.

Gego and Magnus represented through various life lessons, that I used them to gain, and both showed me exactly what I would want in time, one had shown too much, the other had shown too little, yet the difference in what was seen, was immense, because it made me realise that character is the one thing that only you can define in time, and nothing other than what you believe, and what you dream, can alter that feeling, and though I haven’t met Magnus for years and threw Gego out of my life, the ice wall came crashing down on him, there is still a lot to do, because I’m not done yet, and I hope to meet both again one day, so I can hug one, and dispose of the other.