How to destroy the mind?- This is one of the most endearing things about me, having played chess for over a decade, against people, IA, and sometimes with myself, having played chess with emotions and the mind, there are various levels of how one can attain control over another person, psychologically speaking, there are various ways to make someone do things, but I won’t talk about that, because a good illusionist, lets the illusion manifest slowly, and without the knowledge of the viewer, until the reveal comes, that’s what marks a good storyteller as well.

The simplest form of psychological warfare is playing the fool, this is the basics of an intelligent mind, always portray that you don’t know anything, and people will automatically leave you alone, the danger of showing people you have knowledge in any field, leads them to ask favours and pester you, which no sane person would want, well an egotist who has a narcissistic complex might disagree, but then again, that’s what’s expected of the gateway into a sociopathic mind in the future anyways.

Playing the fool also helps you gauge the one’s you might need and the one’s you don’t want, friendship is the complexity of not knowing what will help you, and what won’t, having friends just for the sake of laughing and enjoying life, is for children, don’t whittle away time by procrastinating with people who aren’t going to help you achieve what you want, it only dumbs down the mind, and makes you eager to please, which is the worst position for you to be in.

The ability to then manipulate the outcome becomes easy, because once they know that you are not someone worth being a danger to their domination in a group dynamics, they will look for you, but remember that this is a tightrope, you can’t show that you’re really stupid, or they won’t want to interact with you, and that might lead to alienation on a whole, but irrespective of how dumb you might look, never show your intentions, that is the golden rule, emotions have no place when you want to rule a group.

The reason I stopped playing the fool was simple, I got bored of the game, now single-handedly burning most of the bridges that I created over a decade ago, because I wanted to meet like-minded people, not the same damn faces, with the same damn thinking, that was more or less useless to me, from the point of view of mental growth and challenges the boundaries of what can be achieved, so if you want to have ultimate peace of mind, remember that you need to not be the sociopath, who loves to be there to help people or the empath who can’t stop themselves from being just that, because the world isn’t all butterflies and dandelions, that is the cynical part of me, the other part wants to help the needy, but it is dependent on what ails them, and if they can’t get help from someone else.

eg: I will help someone who is in desperate need, who in my eye is not capable of getting the help from someone else if the person can get help and is just using me as the easiest available module for solving their problem, I won’t help you, it might not please people, but I’m not the one to make the rules by which I govern, my heart does, and I follow them, you can’t help the world past what you are capabilities, the need to do otherwise is churlish and would lead to nothing but self harm in the future.




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