POV filmmaking.

I’ve seen a lot of movies, and never one where they showed the point of view throughout, take horror movies, for example, imagine a whole movie where you see the plot played out from the ghost’s view, and never knowing, where or how the ghost came from, other than the way others around it see and react to the camera, the need for changing storytelling is important in modern cinema, no one is doing anything special, with wonder woman gaining the kind of hype it did, especially not having good dialogues or any realistic plot, cinema as we know it is dying.

Don’t get me wrong, the movie was a huge step for feminist ideology but they again showed a romantic angle, to draw in more people I suppose, but that shouldn’t be the basis of making a good woman driven movie, point of view storytelling brings a new wave of thinking, and if one can pull it off, it might revolutionise the way movies are made, for example, I wrote a screenplay for a detective show, that takes place solely in the vision of the criminal, how and what the criminal does, not taking any other angles, or setting up unnecessary budget allocations for young and enthusiastic filmmakers who don’t have enough startup capital.

The possibilities of showing this form of visual drama are endless, and hopefully in time someone might take the mantle of helping cinema grow up, because the way we are going, special effects and CGI are going to destroy the art of writing, not giving much credence to the dialogues, and the wit that was once the pillar on which great movies stood, take any of the classics, they were exceptional, because the writing was exceptional, it drew in the people, made them connect with a character, and before people realised it, they were hooked, to the story, and the way the people acted and talked.

I wish to see that again, and not just tropes and cliches paraded about in the cinema halls, making the next generation of movie watchers blindly follow, without questioning the motive and the reason for why a movie was made, why a specific action was done, and what made depth disappear in the need to make money and flaunt expensive visual effects that though necessary to entice the mind, aren’t needed to placate the heart.



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