Bhuvan Mishra

It’s pretty hard to point at me and classify me into a box, for I have a lot of varied notions and characteristics that define me.

I am a sexual abuse survivor, it happened to me when I was very young and like millions who go through it, I silently was broken in the night by another, who I can imagine was broken the same way by someone else. I have learned to live with it, now I openly talk about it with concerned people, trying to find a way to help the one’s who can’t at the moment help themselves.

I have battled depression, it was two folds, firstly it manifested when I was younger and led to a lot of problems that plagued me through school and partly my college life, yet as I fought and got better at handling it, my mom passed away a couple of years ago, the last year has been the worse in my life so far, but it ends now.

I used to lie a lot in my teenage years, till my mom passed away, then the habit just died and now I am just either silent or honest, I don’t have time to care for most people’s feelings as well, for me the main person to listen and care about is me, there is no other person who matters, I’m the king of my world, the god and the messiah, for my existence is one that is devoid of any false belief in anything but myself.

It’s time to begin this journey, follow me if you think that you are the only person who can change the world you live in, at the end of the day, it’s you that matters and no one else, don’t delude yourself into thinking anything else, for that is the secret of life, power and success don’t come to those who don’t want it.