POV filmmaking.

I’ve seen a lot of movies, and never one where they showed the point of view throughout, take horror movies, for example, imagine a whole movie where you see the plot played out from the ghost’s view, and never knowing, where or how the ghost came from, other than the way others around it see and react to the camera, the need for changing storytelling is important in modern cinema, no one is doing anything special, with wonder woman gaining the kind of hype it did, especially not having good dialogues or any realistic plot, cinema as we know it is dying.

Don’t get me wrong, the movie was a huge step for feminist ideology but they again showed a romantic angle, to draw in more people I suppose, but that shouldn’t be the basis of making a good woman driven movie, point of view storytelling brings a new wave of thinking, and if one can pull it off, it might revolutionise the way movies are made, for example, I wrote a screenplay for a detective show, that takes place solely in the vision of the criminal, how and what the criminal does, not taking any other angles, or setting up unnecessary budget allocations for young and enthusiastic filmmakers who don’t have enough startup capital.

The possibilities of showing this form of visual drama are endless, and hopefully in time someone might take the mantle of helping cinema grow up, because the way we are going, special effects and CGI are going to destroy the art of writing, not giving much credence to the dialogues, and the wit that was once the pillar on which great movies stood, take any of the classics, they were exceptional, because the writing was exceptional, it drew in the people, made them connect with a character, and before people realised it, they were hooked, to the story, and the way the people acted and talked.

I wish to see that again, and not just tropes and cliches paraded about in the cinema halls, making the next generation of movie watchers blindly follow, without questioning the motive and the reason for why a movie was made, why a specific action was done, and what made depth disappear in the need to make money and flaunt expensive visual effects that though necessary to entice the mind, aren’t needed to placate the heart.



The death of a friend (It isn’t tragic.)

Being a writer for women, basically constructing scenarios and characters that are strong, seeing that no one else is doing that, just because men will either write to manipulate women, or write themselves as badasses, I though want to write women in that lead role, and that’s what drives this writer.

The premise for this concept rests on the death of a friend, women standing around a crypt with solemn faces, looking down, but the death is not of the person, but their regards towards her friends, thanks to getting into a relationship, the crypt has knick knacks that the friends had given, and the arrival of the person is question leads to more hilarity, I don’t share dialogues, and shots that would make it come alive, because I’m distrustful as a person.

The only thing to take away from this, is the fact that I want to show women’s perspective on a relationship, not like the other ads that are driven mainly by men, and for men, it’s time someone levelled the playing field, because the point of the whole thing is equality, not further degradation of the woman mind, by placating the male ego.

Love Making vs Sex.

In my experience there is a great difference between these two concepts, one an art form that is dying thanks to the onset of the pornographic age and the other thriving thanks ot the death of poets and bards, men who can fight and be alphas while still be tender and caring to the subtleties of sex, so let’s talk on this topic today, because quite frankly I can.

Love making is the whole process, whereas sex is merely the end product, to take someone into an illusion one must take them whole, not partly, or parsimoniously, but whole. I’ll use myself as an example, for various stages, from the first, building up the pressure point, for release, that’s when you show the lady that oral sex is about her, not about your flappy friend, who shivers and fails to impress in two minutes or less, its about tantalising her thoughts and making her squirm, personally I don’t even like women giving me blowjobs, that’s not to say it isn’t a practice done thrivingly by others, but personally I don’t want it.

I though love pleasuring women, that’s the main reason why I get dates, or did, until sex became just an outlet for frustrations to ebb into the clutches of two colliding bodies, drenched in sweat and hungry in lust, that merely took place to vent, nothing more, though now I’m searching again, looking for the beast that I wouldn’t dare want to tame, but run wild with.

Oral sex is basically that only, you showing the woman that it’s more about her than you, which is truly is, or you won’t be begging for sex so often, going on porn sites, which I won’t lie about visiting from time to time, mainly to just release the sexual tension, there is no story telling there, so my mind doesn’t get aroused, it’s basically just to feed the voracious appetite that the body brings forth, but taking us back to the main crux, of the matter, oral sex is about pleasing her, I once remember doing it for 20 odd minutes, slowly, painfully for the girl, as she was like a fountain that wasn’t doing much sprinkling of water, and that was the buildup, sometimes even 30 minutes, because I am a slow eater, and that comes in handy in such situations.

The second stage is the control aspect, this is at times tricky, some women love men taking charge, while other want to take charge themselves, differentiating them is key to mastering this step, you need to nonetheless be the one on top for most parts, that’s key to satisfying her, I did it for hours once, taking breaks due to not lasting with the rhythm at times for more than a few minutes, but picturing other things helps and it did then as well.

The main part is that she has to reach nirvana, that is something that I have always managed, it didn’t matter if it took me climbing on the bicycle more than twice or thrice, but if she reached that place, it was worth it, many of my brethren won’t understand this, but it’s fine, this isn’t for the animals, who maul and try to show that male chauvinism is ruling the land still, this is for the tender souls, that hide behind powerful walls, that have a chance of doing something more than following that cheap mentality that comes from the concept of bros before hoes.

Anyways, the main thing to take away from this write-up are 3:

  1.  Sex is more than a wham bam thank you ma’am affair, you have to drag it out, more often than not, until the time the woman has been pleased.
  2. Make the aspects of sensual touches and words take a softer, and dirtier term, not sexting or otherwise, but in person, the imagination being taken on a ride, is as important as the body.
  3.  If you are into BDSM or Role Playing, make sure that the girl is comfortable, she is the illusion, you are just a fapper who got lucky, so rethink the approach, girls don’t fall for overconfidence, but they don’t even acknowledge bumbling fools.



That Poker feeling.

This was an advert that I wrote for a friend, he wanted help, and having seen just how desperate he was I wrote him a Betting site centric advertising that he could relate to his boss, knowing that she had helped me more than enough, in my hour of need, the premise for this one was hilarity, seeing that people love playing poker and gambling off their money.

Remember though that never get sloshed when you’re playing, nothing deludes the mind like alcohol, your tell would start showing and that makes it dangerous in the long run, I only mention it, because it was in the advert I wrote, while another part had three out of four people, constantly cheating the fourth, if one would get up and go the other would see, the cards, it happened more than once, and to more than one person, another comic stitch.

There were a few others and the clothing and setting was funny as well, I won’t talk about it more, because it’s an idea under creation hopefully, if not it’s still my idea and I gave it to a friend out of the understanding that she can use it, not for any random person to do the same, it might take some time though, having just written it and they will start shooting, if they do in July, which would mean nothing comes of it till october, as that’s how advertising works, with companies at least, they take so much time, rehashing, and redoing the same damn thing, beauracracy at its best.

Just wanted to share this concept, among millions other that in time I will too.

Character Depth in writing.

Let’s build a character together, from the ground up, give them a name, which is bloody obvious, then give them features and characteristics, which is just as obvious, and now start writing their emotions down, what makes this character tick, first in the past, then in the present, and if you can, like me what will make him become the person that you predict to some extent in the future, that’s the easy part.

Now the thinking process of the character, like Proust and Bronte, among other great authors and writers, I tend to write with a unique writing style called, stream of conscious thought, this makes you go inside the mind of the character, and his emotions and viewpoints in the moment are related, so we juxtapose the mind voice accordingly (Inner monologue), regarding scenarios and situations around him/her/it.

The character built, now the scenario and situation playing out and its effect on the character has to be added, this is the trickiest part because you have to take into account, human emotions, mindset and above anything else, the change in thought patterns, I through the years have read most psychology books, for fun, taking course catalogues from colleges, and just going through the inner workings of the mind, how different and better psychologists than Brown or Freud would treat scenarios, and that has helped in a small part, reading philosophy and history, has helped in others, while having a business degree hasn’t helped at all.

So remember, the character is paramount, not the scenario, if you’re writing a character driven storyline, if you’re writing a situation driven storyline, as most comic writers do, then you’ll have to wait for me to take out the time to write on that.



Foodie vs FoodSnob.

This concept like the millions that swim in my mind, came to the surface when I saw a recent episode of Frasier, in the minute amount of off time that I give myself, the concept is pretty funny on the surface, and with my unique blend of wit, humor, and darkness, I managed to write something that will make laughter rule the stomach and not food.

The greatest part would be the ending, as remember that the twist is most important, not trusting the internet, for the most part, I don’t go into details about the concepts because let’s face it, unscrupulous eyes are always searching to rip off concepts, those minds that can’t create anything that hasn’t been done before, the louts and bandicoots that raid the minds of the ones far more attuned with the imaginative side of creativity.

Remember that you are all unique in the way you think, just have the guts to write down what you’re thinking, people mock in cycles, don’t let their voracious appetite to fill meaningless thoughts in idle times, take your aim away from the mark, have a great Tuesday and remember that creativity only comes to light, when you open your heart and take hold of your mind.

The Party of unknowns/ Ad about alcohol.

Ever been to a party where you’re throwing it and after drinks, you realize you have no idea who the hell are attending, the number of people who attend are from varied parts of the social strata, and for the life of you, you don’t know who the people are, as the night goes on, the interactions become weird and with time you start to stop caring, the hilarity that comes about is what makes this party so memorable.


Show the effect the influence of a specific brand of alcohol has on the people that are so different but come together or are shown in different places having the same drinks, this is something unique and hasn’t been done before, show how alcohol is a universal language that in its embrace, makes people forget that they can’t stand others, or brings about nothing more than the brand being seen as something more than a niche marketed commodity.


Love the brother?Sleep with the sister?

This is a concept for a book, that I will write after finishing the one’s on the table already, ever wondered what a bisexual goes through, nor do I, but being able to think like a woman as well as a man, the beauty is that I can imagine what happens, and that’s what will drive the facts behind this story, because I”m writing serious things at the moment, this will be a bit of a 100k page comic relief, as nothing says funny as two siblings fighting, having witnessed more than my share of how that goes, I want to bring it to life, with the best thing being the end, now that is for my mind only, as nothing beats the ending, that is a twist, and that is what will make this story so much fun.

As it’s a concept, there isn’t much to think on, but it will build like other stories do from a spark, and hopefully, it will be one worth tickling those funny bones that even the serious people have, case and point being me, so have a great day and remember that concepts come when you let them, no matter what the premise might be, this might change in my mind in time, and that’s the beauty of letting an idea rest.

A lit up guitar?

This is one among my thousands of concepts about products that I will in time try to share, ever seen a rock concert in the pitch black night, without anything but the guitar’s light, this was a dream I had quite a few nights ago, the guitar strings as they were played made the guitar glow from blue to red, and the beauty of it was the drums that played were beating as well from red to blue, but I fixated on the guitar, as the ability to use a guitar as a night lamp is insane, but that’s just me, so this is another one of the mad hatter’s product ideas, and who knows one day we might just see it somewhere, when the deems that beast of a creation worthy of play.

The Double Dip.

Now being the master of the con that I am, there are many that I never did but thought of, among them was this one, the double dip can be done by an individual or by two people, try to limit it to one though, but remember that you need to have nimble fingers and very quick reflexes, if you’re doing it alone.

The double dip starts with the crowded place, you need the crowd, before I had thought of not picturing one, but then the mark can isolate your face or features pretty easily, and that is if he can catch you in the act, so for the sake of being prudent rather than boastful, use a crowd, now the premise arises that the person needs to be someone who is rich, now that is hard to do in today’s time because money walks in torn shoes, as well as Italian leather, but a better bet would be to do it with someone who is wearing Italian leather, the show thusly begins.

Isolate the mark, and try to wait for the right time, and hope that his wallet is in his back pocket, once you have taken the wallet, the second part is a little hard to do but necessary for the double dip, here is where you plant a second wallet in the back pocket, now it’s important to note that this can be done at two intervals, but for the sake of it do it in one, by using both hands, as the movement that doesn’t make the mark suspicious once, doesn’t need to be repeated to see that it does.

People have a tendency to check their back pocket, and the greater time they are under the illusion that nothing is missing the better chance that you’ll escape, so remember that the wallet you are taking has to be in some way the same size if not make that you plant in the pocket of the pant, now it’s a tough thing to ascertain beforehand what kind of wallet one might carry, but remember that this trick needs you to see it before in time, there are a thousand ways in which that outcome can be reached, so I won’t let that be a hindrance to my theory.

So remember the double dip works on anything, it was just an example that I took for a wallet, it can work on many toher things as well, so have a great day of conning, and remember that you don’t get conned in time.