This picture isn’t more than a deception that is pretty clear to a creative mind, if you can figure it out, write about it.


Darkness Awaits

The darkness will teach you just how strong you can truly be, so don’t fear running into it, it might hurt and destroy your mind and heart, but it will also nurture and help you when you cry, it won’t judge your weakness, and it won’t patronise you.

I have lived in the darkness for years, I feared it and was terrified, until when it came and held me, telling me that it believed I was destined to rule it, it made me rise from the fallen embers of my past sins and failures, made me strong and resolute, relentless and driven, so don’t fear it, embrace it.

I love the corridor of uncertainty that makes one hesitate, to touch their inner darkness, not knowing just what can be achieved if you just did, took in the pain and hurt, without a second thought, so are you strong enough to walk into the dark? 

Stone lust

My love for structural engineering and design is often a gripe for my father, he rues the fact that his son didn’t pursue more intellectual pursuits, but engineering is boring, you can’t excel or create most things that one would want, because the world hardly agrees with ambition.

This picture though brings my two loves together none the less, heritage sights and noir photography, showing the beauty that artistic flair brought alive in stone during another time, that it binds your hearts in chains of awe and mesmerising light, that’s what architecture should do, inspire minds to dream, and this is what all creative minds yearn to pursue.

This moment is equally special because one of the things that made me choose this angle was getting the alcove on the right side, showing a place that as a kid I had once tried to climb, only for the guards to put me in my place, a rekindled memory that had to be captured.

Pillared Legs

There is something about mazes and labyrinths that draw one to them, the promise of getting lose by design maybe, or the fact that you can find your way without help from others, ever since I was a kid, all I looked for in places, was a reason to get lost, sometimes to the chagrin of my parents, they didn’t appreciate the wild stallion approach to travelling that I was naturally driven by.

This picture represents that memory in my mind, the pillars are hedges, the space that is occupied by nostalgia and memories the escape, and the black and white medium of subject representation the perfect outlook for a heart that beats to get lost, remember that places and structures weee made, not only to showcase talented builders and architectures, but also to challenge the mind to think, create something better with time.

Heritage sites especially are prone to this kind of thought process, many don’t realise that holidays and memories aren’t just for yourself, they are to be shared with others, one day making someone stand where you are and hopefully see what you saw in that one second of abject clarity.

Three Door Theory

The dusk was picturesque to say the least, a man walking into the middle door was by chance and the beauty of the construction which was captured in the twilight zone, the icing on the cake.

Very rarely do I get the chance to take a memory into my minds embrace, having a bit of an agoraphobia, very slight though, not a hinderance  to anything as important but a troubling trend none the less.

The moments I get to relax and travel are the only moments of respite that I get from my creative mind, that overthinks more than anything else.

This picture marks another start to sharing my photography, so relax and sit back. Architecture isn’t anything but art and design taking shape in stone, making my eyes sparkle in the light at angles.

Dystopian Dream

Being a fan of dystopian literature and its cultural significance on an existentialist mind is paramount to embrace reality in its entirety.

There aren’t many things that make a depressed soul dream, but if I can help the insomniacs and the ones lost in time to for a second question fate, I have achieved more than what I thought possible at a younger age.

Fly on the wings of the cravens as they take flight into the abundant sky, be free and contented, as there is beauty in memories, hardship in mundanity and a promise of great insight in patience.

So fly away with the feathers of different colours and paint the sky into a explosion of design yet never losing sight of the ground from which you first began, looking back at what was.

Heirographic Sight

As a kid I remember seeing #indianajones and #themummy among other archeological significant cinema and as a kid it was a dream of mine to be an #archieologist and a regret that manifests when I come across writing and symbols that my readings on cryptology don’t actually help dissuade.

This is a prime specimen of what the past holds, having not the foggiest on how to read it though, it’s like I’m back in 1st grade English, new language and a yearning that would draw my obsession to the fore.

Stone tablets and sayings as the wise told me once don’t seem the same to unaware eyes, as the sea would to one who hasn’t seen the sky, old cantankerous bats couldn’t just plainly say that it wasn’t for me, but I’m happy to come across something I don’t know, as my hunger to learn masks my intentions well.

Winter Quackery

Nothing makes it seem like winter without the presence of these delightful fowls and their behaviour in their natural environment.

The promise of winter in the throws of summer are always one of those things that minds try to imagine and fulfil just in a deluded need to crave a chill that seems to have gotten lost in time.