Oddities of Osiris


Apology for mistakes in writing.

I have to apologize to all of you who have followed me till now, there have been stupid spelling mistakes and improper construction in wordings in some of my posts and I have no one to blame but myself, the hurry in which I write a quote down, or a poem takes away from me a part of my heart, and the problem with being a writer who writes from his heart is that he overlooks in his haste to share the simple things, so I sincerely am saying sorry for some of the errors in quotes and how they must make you feel, seeing and understanding is important, but also editing and accepting one’s mistakes.

I hope to not jump too soon, having never jumped at all before, and please bear with me, the mind is not attuned to writing as fast as the heart blurts out words and it might take some time, but I believe that the journey has simply begun, it will not end so soon, and you might even like some of my works in time, there is nothing more to say than that, thank you for reading and hopefully in time I’ll be able to write something that might make you feel like it was written just for you, that is the dream after all.

Have a great week and remember that Monday begins, so that you can yearn for Sunday again.